About ShortDomainNamesForSale.com

About ShortDomainNames

ShortDomainNamesForSale.com is a marketplace for Domainers, so sellers and buyers of short domain names. (By some people such domain names are called "LLLL-domains". We prefer to identify them as "short domain names"). If you want to buy a short domain name, that can be used as a brand name (so a .com), you may find it here. And if you are the owner of a 3 or 4 letter .com domain name, you may want to sell the name on this site.

Selling your short premium domain name on this site only costs money when your name is actually sold. We then charge a 5% fee of the selling price, which is much less than the percentage that you pay with certain domain name brokers. As you may know, some of them charge up to 20%.

ShortDomainNamesForSale.com is not a domain name auction, but a domain name market, where the sellers and buyers of short domain names can meet each other. Copies of the e-mails between a seller and a bidder are sent to ShortDomainNamesForSale.com, but of course all information given by seller and bidder stays confidential with us. We just want to check if everything is done according to the rules.

When the bidder and seller reach an agreement, the actual transfer of the domain name will be done through an escrow service, to ensure the safety of the seller and the bidder.

If you would like to have your name in the Featured Domain Names section, that lists strong domain names that have more than three of four characters, we charge (on top of the 5% selling fee percentage) a $ 10.- fee per month per domain name.

ShortDomainNamesForSale.com always reserves the right to refuse any domain name that is suggested for listing, because we want to keep the quality high. So if we do not like the name, it will not be listed, no matter how much you offer. We refuse and accept domain name suggestions in our sole discretion.

We strongly suggest to make realistic biddings. All domain names on this site are valuable, and if you make an unrealistic offer, you may not receive a reply from the seller, or the seller of the domain name may ban you from sending him offers in the future for that particular name.

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