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Any business that wants to survive in these given times must make an appearance in the online environment. Whether you like it or not, more and more users are using Internet, up to 90% of their daily activities (whether that it's on a desktop, tablet or phone). Missing on this market equals to missing opportunities to earn clients and increase your revenues, no matter your field of activity. Pretty sure there is no need to continue in bringing arguments why the online aspect is vital. There are millions of business out there that make billions of dollars only with online purchases.

Are Short domain names better?

However, this also means that the competition is severe and that it's not going to be easy to stand out of the crowd. There are various ways to build up your online empire (they may sound grandiose but why not make this happen?) and of course, a lot of work has to be put into it. But before you begin to set up anything online, FIRST, you must consider your domain name. It may sound easy at the beginning, but once you start looking into it, you'll realize it's not. The domain name will represent the essence of your business, the first thing your customers will interact with when they will hear of your company. You want to make a statement with it, you want them to remember it and maybe associate it with something pleasant, or a specific thing. You want to trigger an emotion by starting with your domain name. When people hear the web address you chose, their reaction should be: "Ah! Yeah, I remember that!" or something within the lines "Right, the funny one!", whatever fits your product to.

So what are the factors that you should consider when choosing and buying a domain name?

If you want to do things seriously, you need to go investigate various aspects and a lot of them are inter-connected with the products you want to promote. However, we did compile some general criteria that may turn out to be very helpful when you choose your domain name.

It should be short. The shorter, the better. You will go by the principle of KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) and just go for a short domain name that will leave an impression on your customers. Probably, now you will say: hey, but all the better short domain names are taken; where will I find NOW a 4 letter domain name for instance? And you would be right to pose such a question. However, this is where you must make the best use of your resources, and we'll explain further what to do.

It should be inspiring/creative. Yes, there are not so many short domain names available out there that are available for purchase at reasonable prices (sure, you can try to buy for a couple of million dollars, but we're assuming you don't have this start up budget). Choose a 4 letter domain name that can be turned into something meaningful for your business. Let's assume you are a computer retailer and you want to sell them online. If you do a small search, you will find that the most sought for keywords are already taken. So your game plan has to be re-directed to a different perspective. Choose a short 4 letter domain name with a meaning. Like:, that is now taken by a company that gives information about going to Costa Rica. But it could also have been Go Computer or Global Online Computer Retailer, or Get On Computer Retails. You can switch it up into a slogan, or even your own company name to appear on the online market. Which leads to the following point.

It should be representative and/or branding. You want a short domain name that will make you stand out? Then go for a branding one. Choose a 4 letter domain name and turn it into a catchy phrase that your customers won't forget. for instance. It has a special sound to it, easy to remember, can be pronounced in most languages (including US) and you can turn it into whatever you want it to be. It can be the new brand name for a clothing store, or it can be an advertising service, it can be a consulting firm. Basically it can be anything you choose it to be if you decide on the meaning. People don't necessarily care about the name as along as it represents something for them. What, Nike as a simple word means something? It only has importance when it's associated with running shoes, sports, athletes and so on. Yet, nobody has a problem pronouncing nike or having issues with typing it or remembering it. Which leads us to the next point in choosing your short domain name.

It should be easy to remember. At the end of the day, you want people to remember the name you have chosen for your business, to keep it in their memory and have it triggered easily. You don't want to make your customers go through difficulties in typing the name of your business, or thinking about it too much. Just go for a short 4 letter domain name that sends the right message about your product.

Of course, before starting to choose any domain name, you must first analyze your services, your company, try to understand your potential customers, and after that choose a domain. It would be wildly inappropriate to choose a funny name for a company that wants to represent itself as a serious business, trading finances for instance. That's not the right kind of message you want to transmit.

You should not be afraid to choose a 4 letter domain name that on the first glance it may not have any meaning. The meaning is created by YOU and your products. If you understand your market, your clients you can take basically ANY short 4 letter domain name and make it brand-able and impressionable. It may turn out to be your greatest advantage and may make your customers favor you over the competition. Why? Well maybe because they like your name better or the acronyms you've chosen for it, or the slogan you turned it into!

What is the conclusion? It's quite a simple one: if you want to start with building your online business, then you should be extremely careful with every step that you take. And the first one is choosing the right domain name. The solution may be a 4 letter domain name that will make you stand out from your competitors. But that is just the opening act, the trick is to turn that 4 letter domain name into something your customers will love to remember!

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