The Short Domain Name

Before you can do anything with your website, you will need to have a URL associated with it. No one can reach your website without one! Fortunately, domain names are usually very inexpensive. But.... one of the most common domain tips is to get a shorter domain name, whenever possible. Almost all of the top sites on the internet use short names and it's not without reason. And then the domain names become much more pricy.

The benefits of using a short domain name

Long domain names can be difficult to remember, type, say and spell, unless they have a clear meaning, like, for example. A problem is that there is no set boundary for "too long". If you have shortness in mind, chances are you will avoid getting a domain that is needlessly long. Sometimes a domain's meaning gets lost in a longer domain name. Having a more concise name helps get your point and identity across. Short brandable names with a hint of relevance or desired feel have become a popular trend in recent years. Short attention spans in general have caused a focus on shortness and conciseness in many areas.

The short domain name can convey more authority and this pertains to generic domain names, where the top tier domains, which are generally short, convey massive authority. People still type in those URLs, expecting to find what they're looking for on a site that they can trust. A spammy site would not generally fork out more than registration fees for their domain name, so higher quality gives more trust. The amount of typos of a URL shoots up with higher length. Shorter names aren't always easier to type or spell, but less letters means less chances for a typo. Typos may not seem like a big deal, but collectively they can siphon a significant percentage of traffic you should otherwise be getting.

More advantages, the short domain names are simply more versatile for branding. Sites with larger names either show just the full name in text, which can be tough with any space constraints, -0000, or just a logo which does not help visitors remember the name or an abbreviation which can lose traffic to the abbreviation domain. With a short name, you have many more possibilities for creative branding at your disposal. Part of why social media has primarily used short names is for (electronic) word of mouth potential (abbreviated to "Ewom"). Generally speaking, the longer a name gets, the less likely someone will repeat it to a friend. Especially look at "household names" - company brands that are so universal that they are talked about constantly. Most of them are short and an extreme few are long. Many companies go with abbreviations and acronyms for this reason. Often people may not have an idea what the acronym means, even when it's a household name - BP being British Petroleum and GEICO being Government Employees Insurance Company, for example.

Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and other search engines prefer simple, easy to understand URLs that deliver what they promise. URLs that are filled with item numbers, special codes, or jargon may actually hurt the ranking for a specific page. This is because a simple URL is far easier for a user to read and understand than a complex one. URLs that are clear and easy to understand at a glance are more likely to be clicked than complicated ones. Additionally, a URL with clear keywords in it that is provided as a link on a homepage can provide a little bit of a boost, SEO wise, because it has anchor text in it. Essentially, the biggest SEO benefits you will get out of a shorter, clearer URL is from the increased click rate and reduced bounce rate. User experience definitely matters, and it impacts SEO in a bigger way than you might expect.

The short domain name is easier to type for mobile users, and realizing how much popular mobile web navigation is now, keeping these users in mind is crucial. Apps may handle a lot of navigation, but if the mobile user sees a URL somewhere, they have to type it in. Typing on mobile devices isn't as easy as on desktops and laptops, so you want to make it as convenient as possible for someone to type your URL. Also, a shorter name gives more versatility in mobile site design, as it's easier to fit on a smaller screen.

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