What is an LLLL domain?
Some people use the term LLLL domain when they, in fact, mean: a short domain name, so a name with 4, or even fewer characters or letters.

Why are short domain names more valuable than longer ones?
1. Short domain names are easier to remember.
2. A short domain name serves better as a brand.
3. A short domain name is less prone to typing errors.
4. For a company, a shorter domain name looks better than a longer one.
5. With a smartphone, you can dial a domain name and short is easier then.
6. A short domain name is always an aged domain, which is good for SEO.
7. Because the internet is still growing, short .com domain names become more and more rare and thus valuable.
Therefore, they are a great investment.

Does the extension matter?
It definitely does and that is the reason why we concentrate on .com domain names. Without doubt .com is still the only real choice for people who want to be serious about their online business. It is a matter of prestige, and all large companies want to operate under .com. Can you imagine Facebook.net of Google.biz or CNN.info? Well, that says enough.

Is ShortDomainNamesForSale.com an auction site?
We are a domain name market and not an auction. In a marketplace sellers and buyers of domain names can meet. The buyer communicates with the seller, and they can come to an agreement.

What is a safe way to transfer a domain name from a seller to a buyer?
Transferring the ownership of a domain name is always a delicate process. The only safe way to do it, is through an escrow service. Basically, this means that the buyer transfers the money to the escrow service, and the seller does the same with his domain name. At the moment that both parties have fulfilled their obligations, the domain name is transferred to the buyer, and the money is transferred to the seller.

How important is the age of a domain?
Aged domains, so domain names that were registered long ago, have an extra value for Google and other search engines. The good thing is that all short domains were registered long ago, so they have this free extra advantage.

How does the bidding work?
When you make an offer, we send it to the seller of the domain name. He can refuse or make a counter bid. The seller is not obliged to respond to an offer. If he replies, we will send his answer to you.

Can I make any offer I want?
You can, but it is not smart to make an unrealistic offer. The seller has the option to exclude bidders who are not serious. So if you make an offer, please make a serious one.

I want to sell my short domain
You can do this on ShortDomainNamesForSale.com, without upfront costs. Yes, it is free. However, the name has to be accepted by us, and we only want to list very good, pronounceable short premium domain names. When your domain name is sold, we expect 5% of the price that it is sold for. As you may know, this is a bargain. Some domain name brokers charge up to 20% of the selling price.

I have a longer premium domain name that I want to sell
In the Featured Domain Names section, strong longer premium domains can be listed. This is not free. On top of the 5% selling fee percentage, ShortDomainNamesForSale.com charges a $ 10.- fee per domain name per month. We can accept and refuse domain names for the Featured Domain Names section in our sole discretion.

Can I list any of my domains on your site if I pay?
Sorry, no. If you want to sell a bad domain name, and even if you want to pay us 100k for it, we will not feature your name. Keeping are quality high is more important.

Are there any other conditions when I want to sell my domain?
Yes. You, as the seller, will have to prove that you are the owner of the domain. This can be done in several ways. The easiest way is to reply to an e-mail that we send to the registrant's e-mail address that is given in the whois. Sending and receiving e-mail through an e-mail address that is connected to the domain that is for sale, so for example "postmaster@vuil.com" is also allowed.

Do I have to create an account when I want to buy or sell a domain?
No, you don't. Just use the same e-mail address all the time, because that is the verification.

Will you appraise my domain name for me?
Determining the real value of a domain name is almost impossible, no matter what some companies claim. We can help you with an "educated guess".

Do you want me to give my credit card details?
Never. If your name is sold, or if you are charged for listing a longer "featured domain", you can use Paypal or a bank transfer for paying the fee. We will always send you an invoice.

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